LIVER transplant


Liver Transplant


Liver transplant is a procedure that is carried out to remove a diseased liver and replace it with a healthy one. In most cases, the healthy liver is derived from an organ donor who has recently passed away. However, at times a healthy person (maybe a family member or friend) can also donate their liver. An interesting fact about liver is that it is the only organ in the human body that can replace the damaged or lost tissue. In fact, the donor’s liver tends to grow back to a normal size soon after the liver surgery.

Why the Need for Liver Transplant?

In adults, the key reason for liver transplant operation is cirrhosis. In this condition, the liver slowly malfunctions due to chronic damage and the healthy liver tissue is replaced by scar tissues which block the flow of blood in the liver. Cirrhosis can be the result of viruses such as hereditary liver ailments, autoimmune liver disease, Hepatitis B and C, fat buildup in the liver, etc.

In children, the most common cause of liver transplant surgery is biliary atresia. It is an uncommon condition in infants, in which the common bile duct present in the small intestine and liver is absent or blocked. The bile duct is responsible for carrying bile out of the liver and its blockage or damage can further lead to cirrhosis.

Are you the Right Candidate for Liver Transplant?

To determine if you are an eligible candidate for the liver transplant operation, you need to get evaluated from various field specialists. Detailed assessments of your family’s medical history along with a variety of tests are the most important aspects of the evaluation process. Apart from this, various other aspects of lungs, kidney, heart, mental health, immune system, etc. will also be analyzed to ensure that your body is strong enough for the procedure.
Note that you cannot have liver transplant surgery if you have one of these ailments:

Severe heart, nerve, lung disease
Cancer in any part of your body
Active abuse of alcohol or any illegal drugs
Severe infection

What to Expect Post Liver Transplant?

Post your liver transplant operation, you will possibly be staying in the intensive care unit (ICU) for a couple of days in order to monitor your condition and look out for any signs of complications. Once you have been allowed to move from the ICU, you will still have to remain at the hospital for at least 7 to 10 days where your recovery can be processed.

After getting discharged from the hospital you will need to make frequent follow-up appointments for routine check-ups so that the doctors can ensure you are recuperating in a timely manner. And of course, you will be provided with medications that you’ll need to take for a really long time (some might be for a lifetime).

As for the recovery, it will take at least six months or more to fully recover from the operation. However, you can resume your normal routine after a few months. But how soon you recover directly depends on how severe your condition was prior to your liver transplant surgery.

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